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In 2003, the London Silver Dolphins began tracking club records, and have endeavoured to search for club records established in meets prior to 2003. If you are a current or former member and believe you may qualify for a club record, please email the webmaster.
Club records are organized by gender, meet category, then age group. To qualify for a club record, a swimmer must meet club eligibility requirements.
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Our Coach

Jenna Roman

Jenna is looking forward to being a coach for LSD through the 2022 season. The Fanshawe Business Accounting graduate is excited to continue putting her 11 years of competitive swimming experience to good use.


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Hola, Swimmers!

10 August 2021

August 6th, 2021Hola, Swimmers!YEAH Maggie!YEAH Jessie!YEAH Damian!YEAH LONDON—Silver Dolphins.Olympics are almost over.  Damian will carry the flag.  Now I can get my life back.  NORMAL?!  Unlikely.I was determined not to win the couch potato gold, so I watched while rowing on my Concept 2 or bouncing on a 65cm stability ball.Your Executive will enjoy a patio dinner at Kelseys this Monday night and plan our return to the pool.  Circumstances beyond our control may impact our tentative plans to start our 2021-2022 season on Monday, September 20th.  By then, the roles of a return to school and the Delta variant...

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