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In 2003, the London Silver Dolphins began tracking club records, and have endeavoured to search for club records established in meets prior to 2003. If you are a current or former member and believe you may qualify for a club record, please email the webmaster.
Club records are organized by gender, meet category, then age group. To qualify for a club record, a swimmer must meet club eligibility requirements.
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Our Coach

Jenna Roman

Jenna is looking forward to being a coach for LSD through the 2022 season. The Fanshawe Business Accounting graduate is excited to continue putting her 11 years of competitive swimming experience to good use.

Maxwell Burton

Maxwell Burton swam competitively as a part of the London Aquatic Club for 7 years and swam one season as a master. Maxwell has coached since 2021, currently he is an assistant for LAC in the development, age group, and senior levels. Maxwell volunteered as an assistant coach for the Western University Varsity team and is a qualified lifeguard/private instructor, and NCCP level 1 coach.


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September has arrived. Uninvited.

20 September 2022

Reality check. This is Canada, a land of 4 seasons. Summer is short, and seasonal changes bring challenges. As I write these words while sitting in a tub chair beside floor-to-ceiling windows, a cheeky squirrel sits on a rock six feet away, perched on his hind legs, staring at me, a walnut filling his mouth.  He is preparing for tomorrow with positive actions and constructive intentions. And so must we.My action plan?Cover the air conditioner, maintain the furnace, move the Americana Pink geraniums into the solarium and COORDINATE THE DOLPHINS RETURN TO THE POOL!Your action plan, as the leaves change...

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