Weekend Update – Stay in the SWIM! (and Brunch is on!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Here we go…64 days to Provincials…and a full weekend of Workouts!

Come out and get yourself primed following a great week full of weeknight workouts by …keeping it going on the weekend:

Saturday 1-2pm (then come see the Mustangs swim Brock, Waterloo and Laurentian – racing starts at 4pm at the Western Pool)

Sunday 8:30a-9:30am ; then cap it all off with SUNDAY BRUNCH (January 26th) at FOUR SEASONS…immediately following workout (10am actually)…

4 Seasons Restaurant
(NW corner of Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Road)
does not open until 10:00, so shower slowly.
buffet cost: $19.99 (Spence was able to take advantage of the Senior’s special $17.99). children under 11—$13.99.

-Buffet is great. Includes some Greek lunch specials. Delicious desserts.
-Menu ordering available.
-reservation for 10. no problem accommodating more, because we will be the first to arrive.
-bring an appetite!


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