POST/PRE Season Potluck Party and Tournament – August 24th!

Friday, August 15, 2014
Silver Dolphin post-season/pre-season potluck PARTY! and bocce tournament!


Sunday, August 24th, 11—4


Gibbons Park

We hope to snag the picnic area closest to the Victoria Street parking lot (at the west end of the street).


past, present and future Dolphins, families and canines


why not?


food and fun and competition

spence will supply dogs (turkey, tofu, beef, whatever!), buns and mustard. and a BBQ.

burgers welcome. and potato salad. and chairs. desserts?

cats—not so much.

???’s—ask spence

RSVP—to Spence (, so we can arrange enough picnic tables. thx.

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