CGAC – On Schedule – A friendly request! No drop ins

Friday, October 17, 2014
Hi Everyone,

A number of you/your members have ‘stopped by’ to visit CGAC over the last little while. This is a quick request that you refrain from entering the building, even just to ‘poke your head in’ – I would appreciate that you pass this request along to your membership as well.

CGAC is still a construction site and as such access is completely prohibited. Please do not enter the building until we have contacted you stating it is ok. As it stands right now, nobody should be coming into CGAC until the club meeting on October 28. Aside from club representatives attending on the 28th, no members of the public are permitted access until November 1st.

Entering a construction site without proper protective equipment opens the process up to delays if we were to receive work stoppage orders due to health and safety violations.

I appreciate your understanding and attention to this matter.

Thank you,

Ben Perlman

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