Changes at CGAC

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Hi Team,

There are a few changes to the CGAC that affect our team. In an effort to eliminate the rampant theft issues that have plagued the aquatic center all teams have now been issued swipe cards for their members. I will be dispensing these cards at practice tonight and before practice over the next week or so. Try to make it out soon so this card thing doesn’t drag on.

You will have swipe card access 15min before practice and up to the end of practice, that’s it. No in and out privileges throughout the day, practice times only.

No overnight lockers, all locks are cut off at 10 pm nightly. Bring your gear home with you, I recommend keeping it on deck with you anyway.

Regular Mon Tues Thurs schedule for the next few weeks with Liz and I on deck. The lunatics can run the asylum on the weekends, just like the old days. If someone wants to volunteer to bring a work out that’s great, If that doesn’t work out I may start posting one on the website.

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