Annual Summer Awards Party

BIG THANK YOU to Seema for hosting our Summer Awards Party in her beautiful backyard (repeat next year???).
The winner of the Coach’s Award was Virginia Lane—well-deserved for her 18th consecutive appearance at Nationals and her gold/silver in the 1500/800 free. Runners-up were Chuck Grace (gold, silver and bronze at Nationals) and superstar Salmon swimmer Brayden (undefeated in 6 swims at Provincials!)
The Chuck Grace Team Spirit Award was shared by Tim and Matt. They are incredible leaders and cheerleaders, inspiring those around them to work hard while having fun. Tim lead Lane 2 and propelled those swimmers to greatly improved performances as the season progressed and Tim graduated from Lane 2 to Lane 4-5!
Matt consistently arrived early at weeknight practices, often helped to post the workouts and was certainly the king of camaraderie at Provincials. By example, he encouraged his fellow Dolphins to compete hard in solo races and in relays. Provincials is always a fun event because of the energy Matt brings, along with many others, and Sue Zimmer’s brownies! Big kudos and thx to Nick for organizing 26 relays. Let’s aim for 30+ swimmers at Provincials next year.
The Bocce trophy was won by Nicole in a shoot out with her partner Paul. She claimed to be a complete novice. Really?

Soon to be posted on the website will be the dates and fees for our 2017-2018 swim season.
Even though our pool rental costs have risen 3%, our fees are unchanged from last year.
We hope retention and recruitment will allow our team numbers to total 100 next year—up from 92.

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