So Far So Good!

I realize that it is way too early to declare our 2020-2021 swim season a success (and risk jinxing our future!). Nevertheless, I do want to tell all of you how pleased and proud I am of our initial success in the pool. In the light of the circumstances that surround us, we have created a small area in our lives where we can swim and smile (mostly with our eyes) and pretend that all is well in the world.

A BIG thank you to Coach Jenna and Nick and Angie for elevating safety to a priority without negating the FIT, FUN, FAST (?), FRIENDSHIP motto that inspires us advance our WELLNESS.
Coach creates the workouts, Nick coordinates the lanes and Angie keeps us well advised of safety precautions with our team COVID plan. And all of you are to be congratulated for swimming by the rules!

Please continue to stay safely separated in the pool (and showers), wear masks at all other times and enjoy the “homogenous” lane you will bond with over the next 3 months.
Please let Coach Jenna or me know if there is anything we can do to maximize the benefits of your training sessions and address any concerns you may have. Yes, we all miss the high fives and the hugs and the pub nites, but we are building deeper relationships by conquering this component of the crisis together. I hope you are all successfully staying safe in other areas of your lives.

With optimism,

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