Hola, Dolphins!

Hola, Dolphins!

Good riddance, 2020!  

2020 may be perfect vision but it was a perfectly awful year.

We have struggled through the first month of the new year without much to smile about.

I have decided to hibernate through February and awaken in March with the snowdrops and crocuses.  Do they have a pill for that?

Bears, bats and bees hibernate.  So do snakes, skunks and groundhogs.  Ground squirrels hibernate.  Tree squirrels do not.

The word “crocus” is derived from the Latin word “crocatus”, which means saffron yellow.  The incredibly expensive spice saffron comes from one species of crocus.

If hibernation is not an option, we must cope.

Here are some suggested coping strategies:

  • ZOOM tubing and core training—Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:15
  • Walk outdoors.  Vitamin D!
  • Start a GRATITUDE journal
  • Plan a dream VACAY!  Fantasy.
  • Work on your 1-legged balancing routine, plank and push-ups
  • Watch butterfly videos (monarchs and Michael Phelps)
  • Re-connect with an old Friend
  • Try a new recipe.  Cook a meal for a neighbour
  • Take half your closet contents to Goodwill

When will we return to the pool?  Maybe in March. So many unknowns.

Thank you for supporting our Silver Dolphins swim team.  I hope we have crowded single lanes in September.  And brunches and pub nites!


Spencer (molarmitch@rogers.com)

(email me for info on 1-legged balancing and ZOOM tubing)

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