As T.S. Eliot said in The Wasteland, “April is the cruelest month of all.”

As T.S. Eliot said in The Wasteland, “April is the cruelest month of all.”
Combine covid, closed pools, snow, Rogers wireless malfunction and
misbehaving bowels, and April 2021 has been the worst ever for me.
TMI/FYI:  I was tethered to a toilet for 36 hours thanks to Costco Spanish
Thankfully food is once again my Friend.

Or my enemy.
Earlier today I was chasing cherries to the bottom of a tub of Kawartha
Dairy Bordeaux cherry ice cream!
We are all digging deep into our coping reserves these days.
To focus on WELLNESS rather than a sugar high, I discarded the empty ice
cream container and picked up my favourite blue Cross pen.
I made a list, I called a Friend and I began this blog.
Thank you for allowing me this indulgence.

How are you doing?
While variants and vaccines duke it out for the upper hand, we must see a
hopeful horizon.
Feel the sunshine on your face, visualize laps in the Thames pool,
anticipate an upcoming patio dinner date…insert your favourite
post-hypnotic suggestion.

Will we get wet in May?  Maybe.  Unlikely, even though we know that chlorine
and covid are not compatible.
With “stay at home” restrictions in effect until May 20th, pool openings are
unlikely until June, if then.
It would be amazing if we could swim at Thames in June.  Let June be a month
of swimming and sunshine!
In the meantime, remember that MOTION is the POTION!  Walk, bike, dance.
I have rowed 1,750,000 metres on my Concept 2 rowing machine since
purchasing it exactly 1 year ago.
And the week the pool closed a swim erg arrived on my doorstep.  Google
“Vasa swim erg”.  I love it.  Maybe I will swim a 200 IM some day?  I will
say that butterfly is easier on the swim erg but every other stroke is much
easier in the water.  Maybe I should flood my basement?

Thank you for listening, and for your continuing support of our London
Silver Dolphin swim team.
Hang in there.  We may be swimming on relays next March?  Monthly brunches
and pub nites starting in September?

in Friendship, with optimism,

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