Hola, Swimmers!

August 6th, 2021

Hola, Swimmers!

YEAH Maggie!

YEAH Jessie!

YEAH Damian!

YEAH LONDON—Silver Dolphins.

Olympics are almost over.  Damian will carry the flag.  Now I can get my life back.  NORMAL?!  Unlikely.

I was determined not to win the couch potato gold, so I watched while rowing on my Concept 2 or bouncing on a 65cm stability ball.

Your Executive will enjoy a patio dinner at Kelseys this Monday night and plan our return to the pool.  Circumstances beyond our control may impact our tentative plans to start our 2021-2022 season on Monday, September 20th.  By then, the roles of a return to school and the Delta variant may be apparent—minimal, please!  No 4th wave!

Stay tuned for registration info.  Our plan is to offer up to 5 swims a week, as in past seasons.  It may be challenging to limit the number of swimmers per single lane to 4.  MSO (Masters Swimming Ontario) allows 6.   We will continue to respect Covid protocols.  Double vax imperative?  Feedback encouraged.


With optimism,



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