We will survive. We did survive.

We will survive.
We did survive.
A beneficial WELLNESS strategy is to accept, process and dismiss bad news and elevate, embrace and enjoy good news.

A summer without Thames pool is like a squirrel without nuts.
I am over it.  My coping strategy is a 9-10 PM swim at CGAC (Canada Games Aquatic Centre) twice a week. UPside: no sunburn opportunity, no sunscreen needed.  DOWNside: no vitamin D, no Dolphin camaraderie.

Now we march purposely forward to our 2022-2023 swim season.  First Dolphin swim will be 1:00, Saturday, September 17th, the day the Aquatic Centre reopens after maintenance shutdown.
Registration page for the new season will be UP and running by August 1st, unless brain fog or computer glitches prolong the process.

2022 Provincials in Ottawa June 11-12 were a big success for a small team of Silver Dolphins.  With only 13 swimmers, we placed 3rd of 23 teams, led by superstars Virginia (7 golds, including the 1500, and 1 silver) and Joe (8 golds–an amazing return to competitive swimming!)

Logistics for our September swim season include a maximum of 5 swimmers/lane, all at the same end.  Swimmers have a multitude of options, including joining for half season or full season, and swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week, depending on  availability.  Register early to get the workouts you want.  Cooperation, pacing, spacing and kindness will allow us to manage 5/lane.  (That number may have some flexibility, depending on demand).  How many of us remember when we swam 8 in a lane?!  Please keep in mind our motto: “FIT, FUN, FRIENDSHIP!”  FAST is an option for some.
Monthly pub nites at Crabby  Joe’s (last Thursday) and mid-month Sunday brunches at The Early Riser are part of our social plan.

It will be great to see you in September, along with some new faces in our Dolphin pod!

In Friendship and WELLNESS,

Spencer, le prez

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