September has arrived. Uninvited.

Reality check. This is Canada, a land of 4 seasons. Summer is short, and seasonal changes bring challenges. As I write these words while sitting in a tub chair beside floor-to-ceiling windows, a cheeky squirrel sits on a rock six feet away, perched on his hind legs, staring at me, a walnut filling his mouth.  He is preparing for tomorrow with positive actions and constructive intentions. And so must we.

My action plan?

Cover the air conditioner, maintain the furnace, move the Americana Pink geraniums into the solarium and COORDINATE THE DOLPHINS RETURN TO THE POOL!

Your action plan, as the leaves change colour and fall?

A special welcome to our new Dolphins. Please know that your feedback is encouraged to allow your Coaches and Executive to offer you the best pool training experience possible.


5 in a lane means teamwork 

Most of us enjoyed our Covid pool strategy, with 2 swimmers at each end of the lane. Now we will swim 5 in a lane, all at the same end. 

5 in a lane will require careful pacing, spacing, kindness, communication, and courtesy.  In the past, we have crowded 7 or 8 into a lane. 5 will be a breeze. The lane order may change during the hour workout, depending on the use of fins, changing strokes, or stamina. If a swimmer behind you is consistently catching up to you, invite “them” to move ahead. If you are doing the catching, perhaps leave a 10-second space, rather than 5. As the season progresses, a swimmer may want to advance a lane. The Coach may be invited to alter lane order to maintain harmony and to allow everyone to profit from an appropriate challenge. Please leave your ego on the deck. Dolphins are friendly, amicable mammals!

Attributes of a lane leader

The lane leader may not always be the fastest swimmer.  

The leader needs to have good eyes to read the workout, a good voice to announce and explain each set, good social skills to detect discord, and offer praise and encouragement or adjust swimmer sequence if necessary. A consistent lane leader is a bonus to any lane. Sharing that leadership role is certainly an option.

A coaching opportunity

We are fortunate to have Jenna returning as Head Coach. Brigitte will be leaving in October to go to school down East (MED at Acadia, I think). She is asking her fellow Western swim team members if someone might like to replace her. Thank you for your coaching skill, Brigitte, and good luck with your education and career pursuit.

I look forward to reconnecting with those teammates I last saw in June and meeting 20 new Dolphins.

In Friendship and WELLNESS,


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