September has arrived. Uninvited.

Reality check. This is Canada, a land of 4 seasons. Summer is short, and seasonal changes bring challenges. As I write these words while sitting in a tub chair beside floor-to-ceiling windows, a cheeky squirrel sits on a rock six feet away, perched on his hind legs, staring at me, a walnut filling his mouth.  He is preparing for tomorrow with positive actions and constructive intentions. And so must we.My action plan?Cover the air conditioner, maintain the furnace, move the Americana Pink geraniums into the solarium and COORDINATE THE DOLPHINS RETURN TO THE POOL!Your action plan, as the leaves change...


We will survive. We did survive.

We will survive.We did survive.A beneficial WELLNESS strategy is to accept, process and dismiss bad news and elevate, embrace and enjoy good news.A summer without Thames pool is like a squirrel without nuts.I am over it.  My coping strategy is a 9-10 PM swim at CGAC (Canada Games Aquatic Centre) twice a week. UPside: no sunburn opportunity, no sunscreen needed.  DOWNside: no vitamin D, no Dolphin camaraderie.Now we march purposely forward to our 2022-2023 swim season.  First Dolphin swim will be 1:00, Saturday, September 17th, the day the Aquatic Centre reopens after maintenance shutdown.Registration page for the new season will...


London Silver Dolphins had a very successful September–December swim season

London Silver Dolphins had a very successful September–December swim seasonin spite of major obstacles.  A new ROVER strategy (like a Wait List)allowed more swimmers the opportunity to attend practices when cancellationsoccurred.Registration is now open for our 2022 January–June season.  First swim(unless covid rules the pool!) is Monday, January 3rd.  Last swim isThursday, June 9th.  Provincial Championships are in Ottawa, June 11-12.Please visit our Registration page to become a Dolphin.Covid protocols will continue to restrict numbers to a maximum of 4 in alane and 3 swims a week.We hope to see some new faces in the New (and improved!) Year.

Hola, Swimmers!

August 6th, 2021Hola, Swimmers!YEAH Maggie!YEAH Jessie!YEAH Damian!YEAH LONDON—Silver Dolphins.Olympics are almost over.  Damian will carry the flag.  Now I can get my life back.  NORMAL?!  Unlikely.I was determined not to win the couch potato gold, so I watched while rowing on my Concept 2 or bouncing on a 65cm stability ball.Your Executive will enjoy a patio dinner at Kelseys this Monday night and plan our return to the pool.  Circumstances beyond our control may impact our tentative plans to start our 2021-2022 season on Monday, September 20th.  By then, the roles of a return to school and the Delta variant...


As T.S. Eliot said in The Wasteland, “April is the cruelest month of all.”

As T.S. Eliot said in The Wasteland, “April is the cruelest month of all.”Combine covid, closed pools, snow, Rogers wireless malfunction andmisbehaving bowels, and April 2021 has been the worst ever for me.TMI/FYI:  I was tethered to a toilet for 36 hours thanks to Costco Spanishflu-risotto!Thankfully food is once again my Friend.Or my enemy.Earlier today I was chasing cherries to the bottom of a tub of KawarthaDairy Bordeaux cherry ice cream!We are all digging deep into our coping reserves these days.To focus on WELLNESS rather than a sugar high, I discarded the empty icecream container and picked up my favourite...



Dolphins are back in the pool on Saturday, February 20th!Let’s make some waves–and hope that a 3rd covid wave does not happen. with optimism,in WELLNESS,

Hola, Dolphins!

Hola, Dolphins!Good riddance, 2020!  2020 may be perfect vision but it was a perfectly awful year.We have struggled through the first month of the new year without much to smile about.I have decided to hibernate through February and awaken in March with the snowdrops and crocuses.  Do they have a pill for that?Bears, bats and bees hibernate.  So do snakes, skunks and groundhogs.  Ground squirrels hibernate.  Tree squirrels do not.The word “crocus” is derived from the Latin word “crocatus”, which means saffron yellow.  The incredibly expensive spice saffron comes from one species of crocus.If hibernation is not an option, we...


So Far So Good!

I realize that it is way too early to declare our 2020-2021 swim season a success (and risk jinxing our future!). Nevertheless, I do want to tell all of you how pleased and proud I am of our initial success in the pool. In the light of the circumstances that surround us, we have created a small area in our lives where we can swim and smile (mostly with our eyes) and pretend that all is well in the world.A BIG thank you to Coach Jenna and Nick and Angie for elevating safety to a priority without negating the FIT,...


Amazing 1st swim of our 2020-2021 season!

Thanks, Coach Jenna and Nick for making it happen. Swimmers felt safe, swam fast and had fun. The double lanes made the water a little choppy–good open water swim practice.


Covid-19 has affected all of us in multiple ways. It is tough to swim a long distance race without a bell lap in sight. This website is undergoing some changes. Our outdoor season is in doubt. We have exciting plans for our 2020-2021 season, which we hope will start in September. Stay tuned. Stay safe. Find the gift. in Friendship and WELLNESS, Spencer